LEMONADE Servers and Clients

The LEMONADE working group was established under the auspices of The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). On this page you can find information on:


LEMONADE servers

Cyrus IMAP

Cyrus is a popular open-source IMAP implementation used as the basis for a number of commercial IMAP implementations.

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Isode M-Box and M-Switch

M-Box is high performance POP/IMAP message store with LEMONADE support. Isode's SMTP Message Switch, M-Switch, supports LEMONADE SMTP extenstions making the Isode servers the first to support all of the LEMONADE extensions.

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Oryx Archiveopteryx

Archiveopteryx is an Internet mail server, optimised to support heavy usage and high-volume, long-term archival. It seeks to make it practical not only to manage large archives, but to use the information therein on a daily basis instead of relegating it to offline storage.

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Synchronica Mobile Gateway

Synchronica Mobile Gateway is a carrier-grade IMAP/SMTP and OMA DS Gateway which delivers industry-standard Push Email and PIM synchronization to Smartphones and mass-market Feature phones targeting both business and consumer markets. Synchronica is fully committed to the LEMONADE extensions and has implemented support for the LEMONADE IMAP IDLE and OMA EMN Push Email mechanisms in the Mobile Gateway.

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Sun Java System Messaging Server

The Sun Java System Messaging Server is a high-performance, highly secure messaging platform that scales to multi-million user deployments. The Messaging Server supports standard extensions to both SMTP and IMAP that support the LEMONADE profile.

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Tinymail is a library for developing mobile applications with E-mail functionality. It has out of the box support for Maemo, GPE and OLPC. Tinymail has IMAP and POP functionality and support the LEMONADE CONDSTORE and IDLE functions.

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AxisMobile is a leader in the emerging market of consumer mobile email which allows consumers to access emails and attachments via the vast majority of mobile telephone handsets. AxisMobile's objective is to provide software that drives the mass market adoption of mobile email and related products by making multimedia information portable and easy to access on subscribers' existing mobile handsets at an attractive cost.

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ChatterEmail offers over the air push email with Lemonade compliant IMAP servers for the Palm OS based Treo smartphone. The application provides full background operation and requires no intermediate or staging server is required.

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Consilient Push
Consilient Push is highly scalable client-server software that provides push email on a broad choice of mobile phones and devices. Operators can deliver wireless email for consumers as an add-on service, like voice mail. Enterprises can deliver push email to employees with a reliable and affordable behind-the-firewall solution supporting multiple email platforms. A downloadable hosted version of the software now provides consumers with push email on their mobile phone.

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Flexmail from Web Information Solutions
A fully featured email client for Pocket PC, Flexmail supports POP3/IMAP4 email as well as ActiveSynched email.

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Infotrope Polymer/Telomer
Infotrope Polymer is an experimental email client for IMAP with full LEMONADE support. Infotrope Telomer is a LEMONADE client for Nokia Internet Tablets (N770 and N800).

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SnapperMail is an award-winning, user-friendly HTML email client delivering best-of-class IMAP and POP wireless email on Palm OS devices. SnapperMail does not impose size limits on emails or attachments, or number of accounts or folders, other than device memory limits.

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